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  • Execute SSIS unit tests with ReSharper

    A simple SSIS (SQL Server 2014) unit test executed with Visual Studio 2012 and ReSharper.

  • Unit & Integration Testing for SSIS

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  • The only testing framework for SSIS

    SSIS Tester makes testing of packages, single tasks or precedence constraints possible.

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    • Test Driven Development Possible
    • No need to change existing packages
    • Use Visual Studio/ReSharper to execute & debug tests
    • Build own tools with available API

What is SSIS Tester and what can it do for you?

SSIS Tester is the framework that makes unit and integration testing of SSIS packages possible.
More information at our help page or in the MSDN article.


Main Features

SSIS Unit & Integration Testing


SSIS Tester makes testing of packages, single tasks or precedence constraints possible. Where unit test targets a particular package, task or constraint, integration test targets the whole ETL process, but with the same precision as the unit test.

Integrated data taps, fake source and destination components


SSIS Tester can tap paths between data flow components. This enables you to unit test different paths in a data flow and make sure that expected data comes out at all points. This feature is available for SSIS 2008, 2012 and 2014. Fake source and destination components allow you to eliminate external dependencies. Data captured by the data tap or fake destination can be easily accessed in a test.

No need to change existing packages


SSIS Tester does not require a package to be prepared or adapted in any way in order to be tested. It can be tested right away just as it is. This is great advantage since you do not have to implement test logic in your packages. Not to mention the situation when you can or may not change existing packages.

Ready-To-Use Template Project


SSIS Tester comes with a ready to use project template. It contains all you need to start implementing tests. A demo with sample SSIS packages and implemented tests is also included. Demo can be compiled and started right away. Just use Visual Studio debugger and step through the code.

Simple Test Implementation


Tests are easy to implement and follow the common methodology by performing test setup, result verification and cleanup steps. SSIS Tester provides an easy and intuitive way to access package and database resources so you can focus on the test implementation.

Monitoring & Reporting


SSIS Tester comes with a user interface which enables you to monitor test executions in real time. Test parameters such as currently executed test, test errors, or assertion results are available. Test results can be exported to HTML, so you can easily save or send them per email.

Leverage .NET


You can use any of .NET languages to write tests. Even not experienced SSIS developer can do it if you describe precondition and postcondition. Since you are required to write c# or vb code in script tasks it should not be difficult to use .net. Why use c# or vb? It is faster to write code, better in test-throw away phase, debug your test during execution….NET powerfult APIs enable you to write mockups, stubs for packages…

System Requirements

  • SQL Server 2008/2012/2014 & Integration Services
  • .NET Framework 3.5/4.0
  • Testing Tools for Visual Studio 2008/2010/2012/2013