The UnitTestAttribute type exposes the following members.


Public propertyConnectionsToRemove
Comma separated list of connection names that should be removed from the package.
Public propertyDescription
Gets the description of the test.
Public propertyDisableLogging
Disables the logging for the target package.
Public propertyExecutableName
Gets or sets the name of a target executable to be tested.
Public propertyExecutionOrderFactor
Defines the priority of exection. Higher numbers have higher priority and such tests will be executed before other unit tests.
Public propertyPackageName
Gets the name of a package. If the package is loaded from the file system , the name corresponds to the package file name e.g. c:\Packages\Customers.dtsx. In case when the package is loaded from Sql server, the name corresponds to the "Name" property of the package. When loading from Dts server the name corresponds to the file name of the package without ".dtsx" extension.
Public propertyPrecedenceConstraintsTestOnly
Marks the test as a precedence constraint test only.
Public propertyRepository
Gets the repository where a target package is loaded.
Public propertyTypeId
When implemented in a derived class, gets a unique identifier for this Attribute.
(Inherited from Attribute.)

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